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      123 010
      Diterpene lipo-alkaloids with selective activities on cardiac K+ channels
      T. KISS, B. BORCSA, P. ORVOS, L. TÁLOSI, J. HOHMANN, D. CSUPOR* (*Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary;

      Planta Med. 83(17), 1321-1328 (2017). Benzoyl-aconine esters (lipo-alkaloids) produced by transesterification of aconitine (isolated from Aconitum sp.) with long-chain fatty acids were purified by a multistep chromatographic method, including cyclodextrane gel filtration chromatography, centrifugal planar chromatography on aluminium oxide layer using cyclohexane – chloroform – methanol 70:30:1 followed by 70:30:3 and/or preparative thin-layer chromatography on aluminium oxide layer with toluene – acetone – ethanol – concentrated ammonia 70:40:10:3.

      Classification: 4d, 4e, 11a, 22, 32e
      123 031
      Solvent front position extraction procedure for preparation of biological samples with coccidiostats for Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry determination
      Anna TUREK*, M. RYBICKI, A. GIERACH, W. KOROL, T. DZIDO (*Medical University of Lublin, Department of Physical Chemistry, ul. Chodźki 4a, 20-093 Lublin, Poland,

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 32, 41-46 (2019). HPTLC of the five coccidiostats monensin (1), narasin (2), nigericin (3), robenidine (4) and salinomycin (5) on silica gel with at least two developments with methanol. After evaporation of the solvent, a TLC–MS interface was used for solvent front position extraction (SFPE) and further analysis by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS). 

      Classification: 4d
      103 027
      Investigation of Symphytum cordatum alkaloids by liquid–liquid partitioning, thin-layer chromatography and liquid chromatography - ion trap mass spectrometry
      T. MROCZEK*, Karine NDJOKO-IOSET, K. GLOWNIAK, Agnieszka MIETKIEWICZ-CAPALA, K. HOSTETTMANN (*Department of Pharmacognosy with Medicinal Plants Laboratory, Medical University, 1 Chodzki St., 20-093 Lublin, Poland)

      Anal. Chim. Acta 566 (2), 157-166 (2006). Extraction of pyrrolizidine alkaloids from the alkalised crude extract of Symphytum cordatum (L.) W.K. roots as free tertiary bases and polar N-oxides by one-step liquid–liquid partitioning and pre-fractionation by preparative multiple-development TLC on silica gel with chloroform – methanol – 25 % ammonia 50:5:1. Three alkaloid fractions of different polarities were obtained which showed different retention on silica gel: the most polar N-oxides had the highest retention, the tertiary bases had medium retention, and diesterified N-oxides had the lowest retention. Purification of the former fraction, which was reduced into free bases by sodium hydrosulfite, by liquid-liquid partitioning on Extrelut-NT3 cartridge. Further analysis by HPLC – ion-trap MS.

      Keywords: preparative TLC
      Classification: 4d, 22
      122 022
      New constituents from Gymnocarpos decander
      H. BECHLEM, T. MENCHERINI, M. BOUHEROUM, S. BENAYACHE, R. COTUGNO, Alessandra BRACA*, N. DE TOMMASI (*Dipartimento di Farmacia, Università di Pisa, Pisa, Italy;

      Planta Medica 83(14/15), 1200-1206 (2017). The fractionation on cyclodextrane with methanol of the butanol-soluble parts of a methanolic macerate of Gymnocarpos decander aerial parts was monitored by TLC on silica gel with n-butanol – acetic acid – water 12:3:5. Detection by derivatization with cerium sulfate–sulfuric acid reagent. Through further analysis of the 5 resulting fractions, roseoside and heterosides of quercetin, of isorhamnetin and of tetrahydroxyoleanene were detected._x000D_

      Classification: 4d, 8a, 14, 32e
      65 044
      Direct coupling of planar chromatography to gas chromatography by laser desorption
      ZHU JIANZHONG, E.S. YEUNG, (Dep. Chem., Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA 50011 USA)

      Anal.Chem. 61, 1906-1910 (1989). Description of a method of direct coupling of TLC to GC with pesticide samples. Use of laser desorption with a special TLC cell for the interface. Study of the factors affecting the transfer efficiency and the parent peak ratio. Limit of detection, in the low nanogram range.

      Classification: 4d
      69 041
      Application of flame ionization detectors in thin-layer chromatography
      K.D. MUKHERJEE, (Fed. Cent. Lipid Res., Münster, FRG)

      Chromatogr. Sci. 55, 339-350 (1991). A review with 88 references on application of tubular TLC and coated-rod TLC in conjunction with FID.

      Keywords: review
      Classification: 4d
      77 082
      (Determination of alkaloids in Hyoscyamus niger by reversed-phase ion-pair HPLC and identification of H
      C. MA (Ma Cuiying)*, D. CHEN (Chen Dechang), Z. YANG (Yang Zhaoqi), Nat. Inst. Cont. Pharm. & Biol. Prod., Beijing 100050, P.R. China)

      niger and Hygrophila megalantha by TLC.) (Chinese). Chinese J. Pharm. Anal. (Yaowu Fenxi Zazhi) 16, 119-122 (1996). TLC on silica with ethyl acetate - formic acid - NH3 17:2:1. Detection by spraying with potassium iodobismuthate reagent. Identification by comparison of the chromatograms. Quantification by RP ion-pair HPLC.

      Classification: 4d, 22, 32e
      82 025
      Suitability of thin-layer chromatography - flame ionization detection with regard to quantitative characterization or different fossil fuel products
      V.L. CEBOLLA*, J. VELA, L. MEMBRADO, A.C. FERRANDO, (*Inst. Carboquim., CSIC, Dept. Procesos Quim., Poeta Luciano Gracia 5, 50015 Zaragoza, Spain)

      I. FID performances and response of pure compounds related to fossil fuel products. J. Chromatogr. Sci. 36, 419-486 (1998). Test of the performances on a modern TLC-FID system on polycyclic aromatic compound standards and related compounds. Evaluation of performances of the FID configuration. Investigation of TLC-FID response factors for compounds of several homologous series. Discussion of the criteria for the accurate application of TLC-FID to fossil fuel samples.

      Classification: 4d, 5d