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      102 059
      Iodine-azide detection system for dipeptides in thin-layer chromatography
      D. KAZMIERCZAK, W. CIESIELSKI, K. DYNSKA, R. ZAKRZEWSKI* (*Department of Instrumental Analysis, University of Lodz, Pomorska 163, 90-236 Lodz, Poland;

      J. Liq. Chromatogr. Relat. Technol. 31, 752-762 (2008). TLC and HPTLC of nine dipeptides (gly-gly, ala-gly, pro-leu, pro-asp, pro-gly, leu-pro, ala-pro, phe-pro, val-pro) on silica gel with ethanol - dichloromethane 2:1 and methanol - dichloromethane 1:1 in a horizontal chamber saturated for 20 min. Detection by spraying with sodium azide and starch solution (25 mL aqueous starch solution, containing 2.5 g starch, was added to 20 mL aqueous sodium azide solution containing 2 g sodium azide, the mixture was adjusted to pH 5.5 with 0.1 mol/L hydrochloric acid and diluted to 50 mL with water to obtain 4 % and 5 % solution for sodium azide and starch, respectively). All solutions were prepared fresh daily. The limit of detection was 2-200 pmol/spot for the iodine azide procedure, 1-100 pmol/spot for iodine, 20-2000 pmol/spot for UV 254 nm, and 40-1000 pmol/spot for spraying with ninhydrine and drying at 110 °C .

      Classification: 18b
      58 087
      Fresenius Z
      K.T. WANG, S.T. CHEN, L.C. LO. The thin-layer chromatographic separation of enantiomeric dipeptides

      Anal. Chem. 324, 339-340 (1986). TLC of dipeptides on a) microcrystalline cellulose with pyridine - water 2:1 and 4:1 and b) on chiral plate with methanol - water - acetonitrile 5:5:20 and 5:5:3. Detection with ninhydrin reagent.

      Keywords: preparative TLC
      Classification: 18b
      62 132
      Thin-layer chromatographic enantiomeric resolution via ligand exchange
      K. GÜNTHER, (Fachbereich Forsch. Chemie, Degussa AG, Postfach 1345, D-6450 Hanau, FRG)

      J. Chromatogr. 448, 11-30 (1988). TLC of proteinogenic and non-proteinogenic amino acids, dipeptides and a-hydroxy acids. Separation of the enantiomers, without derivatization, on a chiralplate. Quantification by densitometry. Determination of the respective enantiomers at trace levels (0,25%). Detection limits: 0.1% of the minor enantiomer. Other examples from the field of +-methyl, N-alkyl and halogenated amino acids.

      Classification: 18a, 18b, 38
      64 156
      Potent and prolonged acting cyclic lactam analogues of +-melanotropin
      F. AL-OBEIDI*, A.M. DE L. CASTRUCCI, Mac E. HADLEY, V.J. HRUBY, (*Dep. of Chem. and Anatomy, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 85721 USA)

      J. of Medicinal Chemistry 32, 2555-2561 (1989). TLC of cyclic melanotropin analogues an silica with butanol - acetic acid - water 4:1:5 (upper phase), butanol - acetic acid - water - pyridine 15:3:12:10, butanol - pyridine - acetic acid - water 5:5:1:4. Visualization under UV and by spraying with ninhydrin.

      Classification: 18b
      68 123
      Synthesis and chiroptical properties of model peptides suitable for the immunological characterization of branched polypeptides with the general formula poly-[Lys(xi-DL-Alam)]
      G. MEZO*, F. HUDECZ, J. KAJTAR, M. SZEKERKE, (*Res. Group for Peptide Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 2. Hungary)

      Acta Chimica, 127, 803-812 (1990). TLC of peptides on silica with ethyl acetate - pyridine - acetic acid - water 333:20:6:11, chloroform - methanol 9:1 or 1:9, butanol - acetic acid - water 4:1:1, butanol - acetic acid - water - pyridine 30:6:24:20. ethyl acetate - pyridine - acetic acid - water 148:20:6:11 and butanol - acetic acid - water 1:1:1. Detection by spraying with a 0.3% ninhydrin solution in acetone and with starch - KI reagent.

      Classification: 18b
      80 161
      Two-dimensional high-resolution electrophoresis of elastin-derived peptides
      A. GINEITIS, W. PETERSEN, K.A. ÄNGQUIST*, T. STIGBRAND, (*Dept. Surgery, Univ. Umea, S-90185 Umea, Sweden)

      J. Chromatogr. B 692, 303-310 (1997). Separation by acetic acid - urea - PAGE according to the charge, and then by SDS-PAGE according to molecular mass. Detection by Immuno-precipitation and Westen blots of the peptides.

      Classification: 18b, 36
      103 057
      Monolithic porous polymer layer for the separation of peptides and proteins using thin-layer chromatography coupled with MALDI-TOF-MS
      Rania BAKRY*, G.K. BONN, D. MAIR, F. SVEC (*Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry, Leopold Franzens University, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria;

      Anal. Chem. 79, 486-493 (2007). TLC of methylene blue and methyl red on monolithic phase with ethyl acetate - ethanol -water 6:4:3 and 3:2:1 with chamber saturation for 30 min. After development the plates were dried and scanned with MALDI. TLC separation of fluorescamine labeled proteins (insulin, cytochrome c, lysozyme, and myoglobin) with 40 or 55 % aqueous acetonitrile and 0.1 % trifluoro acetic acid with chamber saturation for 30 min. Detection under UV 366 nm. Preparation of the monolithic layer: The polymerization mixture consisted of butyl methacrylate, ethylene dimethacrylate, 1-decanol, cyclohexanol, and 2,2-dimethoxy-2-phenyl-acetophenone.

      Classification: 18b
      59 018
      Duennschicht-chromatographische Enantiomerentrennung mittels Ligandenaustausch
      K. GÜNTHER

      (Thin-layer chromatographic enantiomeric resolution via ligand exchange.) GIT-Suppl. 3, 6-12 (1986). Separation of enantiomeric amino acids and dipeptides on reversed phase silica gel covered with a chiral selector (proline derivative). Typical developing solvents: methanol - water - acetonitrile 5:5:20 (running time 30 min) and 5:5:3 (running time 90 min).

      Classification: 3b, 18a, 18b