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      100 035
      Modeling of Thin-Layer Chromatographic separation of androstane isomers
      L. JÄNTSCHI, S. HODISAN, C. CIMPOIU, A. HOSU, E. DARVASI, T. HODISAN* (*’Babes-Bolyai’ University, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 11 Arany Janos, 400028 Cluj-Napoca, Romania;

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 20, 91-94 (2007). Descripton of the modeling of TLC separation of androstane isomers to find the optimum mobile phase. A mathematical model was developed and tested. The model takes into account the interaction between solvents and uses a complex function for modeling. The proposed mathematical model gives results similar to those obtained by use of other optimization models, e. g. the Simplex and Prisma methods. TLC of 5alpha-androstan-3beta-ol, 5alpha-androstan-3alpha-ol, 5alpha-androstan-17beta-ol, 5beta-androstan-3alpha,17beta-diol, 5alpha-androstan-3beta,17beta-diol on silica gel in a saturated chamber using different mixtures of chloroform, acetone, and petroleum ether resulting in an optimum mobile phase composition of 55:19:26. Detection by spraying with 5 % ammonium molybdate and 5 % sulfuric acid in water and heating to 80 °C.

      Classification: 13a
      60 090
      Overpressured layer chromatography III

      Hungarian Scientific Instruments 62, 1-9 (1986). Separation of amino acids and S-containing amino acids on cellulose with MEK -acetonitrile - acetic acid - water 3:4:1:2. Separation of N-methylated and N-formylated L-lysine on silica with propanol - methanol - 0.1 M aqueous Na-acetate 20:3:30, Separation of ether soluble DN amino acids on silica with chloroform - carbon tetrachloride -MEK - propanol - methanol - acetic acid 30:30:20:30:15:2. Separation of corticosteroids with acetonitrile - butyl acetate 1:1 and of trigonelline from tomato juice with propanol - methanol - 0.1 M Na-acetate. Appropriate staining reagents; densitometry by absorbance.

      Classification: 13a, 18a, 22
      70 088
      Thin-layer chromatographic detection of glucocorticoids
      WU SHOU MEI, CHEN SU HWEI, WU HSIN LUNG, (Sch. Pharm., Kaohsiung Med. Coll., Kaohsiung, Taiwan 807)

      J. Gaoxiong Med. Sci. (Gaoxiong Yixue Kexue Zazhi) 7, 545-549 (1991). TLC of 8 glucocorticoids on silica with chloroform - dioxane - methanol 15:4:1. Detection by derivatization with (1S)-(-)-camphanic chloride using triethylamine as a catalyst.

      Classification: 13a
      102 034
      Determination of dutasteride from its bulk drug and pharmaceutical preparations by HPTLC
      S. KAMAT*, V. VELE, V. CHOUDHARI, S. PRABHUNE (*Ramnarian Ruia College, Dept. of Chem.,Matunga, Mumbai 400019, India,

      Asian J. Chem. 20(7), 5514-5518 (2008). HPTLC of dutasteride on silica gel with toluene - ethyl acetate - acetic acid 14:6:1. Absorbance measurement at 210 nm. The method was linear in the range of 50-500 µg/µL. Recovery was 99.3-99.5 %. The method was suitable for routine quality control.

      Classification: 13a
      61 091
      Changes in methods - mammalian feces thin layer chromatographic method for coprostanol

      J.A.O.A.C. 71, 226 (1988). TLC of coprostanol on silica with ether - heptane 55:45 after equilibration. Before sample application, plate is immersed in 5 % phosphomolybdic acid in ethanol and air dried. After chromatography, heating for 20 min at 120 °C.

      Classification: 13a
      71 078
      Separation of hydroxylated conjugated bile acids by instrumental HPTLC
      L. LAMPERTI, M. VEGA*, (*Departamento de Bromatologia, Nutricion y Dietética, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile)

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 5, 139-140 (1992). HPTLC of bile acids (glyco-, tauro-, glycodeoxy-, taurodeoxy-, glycochenodeoxy-, taurochenodeoxycholic acid) on silica with A) chloroform - isopropanol - isobutanol - acetic acid - water 30:20:10:2:1 and 300:200:100:10:7, B) chloroform - propanol - isopropanol - acetic acid - water 30:20:10:2:1 both separately and in combination. Detection by dipping for exactly 5 s into 3.5% ethanolic phosphomolybdic acid and heating for 10 min at 70-80 °C. Quantification by densitometry at 625 nm.

      Classification: 13a
      102 035
      Stability indicating HPTLC method for determination of medroxyprogestrone acetate in bulk drug and pharmaceutical dosage forms
      M. KRISHNA*, V. MURUGAN, P. MUSMADE, S. VENKATARAM (*Dayanand Sagar College of Pharmacy, Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

      60th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress PA-197, (2008) HPTLC of medroxyprogestrone acetate in bulk and injectable dosage form on silica gel with toluene - ethyl acetate - ammonia 800:200:1. Quantitative determination by absorbance measurement at 240 nm. The linearity was in the range of 50-1800 ng/spot. Recovery was 100.1 %. In the stability test (acid, base, peroxide, thermal, photodegradation) the compound was well separated from degradation products. The method was suitable for routine quality control and for monitoring stability.

      Classification: 13a
      62 090
      Improved resolution of androgens in high-performance thin- layer chromatography
      A.P. ARZAMATSEV*, D.B. NIKULITCHEV, A.G. DOBRINSKAYA, (*Pharmaceutical Dep., First Moscow Medical Inst., Moscow, USSR)

      Advances in Liquid Chromatography, Sept., 3-6 (1988), Szeged, Hungary. TLC of testosterone, 5-dehydroandrosterone and androsterone on cyano- and amino- modified precoated silica with hexane - acetone 80:20. Detection by fluorescence at 360 nm after spraying with 5 % perchloric acid in methanol and heating at 110°C for 5 min.

      Classification: 13a