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      123 051
      A novel chromogenic spray reagent for thin-layer chromatographic analysis of paraquat and design of an ultra-low-cost sensor for on-the-field detection of viologens
      A. PATHAN, M. BASEER, A. KADAM, S. JUNNE* (*Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Nanded, India,

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 32, 335-338 (2019). TLC of paraquat on silica gel with methanol - ammonia 97:3. Detection by spraying with 1 % phenylhydrazine (0.5 g phenylhydrazine in 50 mL 2 N sodium hydroxide). The hRF value of paraquat was 62. 

      Classification: 29d
      123 054
      A new chromogenic spray reagent for the detection and identification of oxyfluorfen herbicide in biological material by High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography
      A. PATIL*, K. PATIL, A. PATIL, P. KULKARNI, V. CHANDEGAONKAR, B. MORE, D. MANE (*Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Dindori Road, Nashik 422004, Maharashtra, India,

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 32, 69-71 (2019). HPTLC of oxyfluorfen in visceral tissue on silica gel with hexane - acetone 4:1. Detection by spraying with 5 % stannous chloride solution in hydrochloric acid, followed by heating at 110 ºC for 20 min. After cooling, the plates were sprayed with freshly prepared cooled (0‒5 °C) nitrating mixture of sodium nitrite in hydrochloroc acid, followed by a solution of β-napthol in sodium hydroxide. The hRF value of oxyfluorfen was 61

      Classification: 29d
      100 057
      Sample preparation for TLC - genetic algorithm-based optimization of microwave-assisted extraction
      Sandra BABIC*, A. J. M. HORVAT, D. MUTAVDZIC, D. CAVIC, M. KASTELAN-MACAN (*Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Marulicev trg 19, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia;

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 20, 95-99 (2007). TLC of atrazine and simazine on silica gel with hexane - chloroform - acetone 12:5:3 with chamber saturation. Detection under UV light at 254 nm. Also quantitative evaluation. The genetic algorithm proved to be an optimization procedure which can be successfully applied to optimization of microwave-assisted extraction experiments. Application of recovery experiments from spiked soil.

      Classification: 29d
      60 155
      (Studies on the photochemical decomposition of some urea herbicides
      M. WELTHER-SANDOR, R. RATKOVICS-SCHUETZ, S. PAPP, E. LEHOCZKI. Magyar Kemiai Folyoirat 93, 129-132 (1987). (Hungarian)

      Detection by UV and by phosphomolybdic acid reagent.

      Classification: 29d
      67 178
      Study of the absorption, excretion, metabolism, and residues in tissues in rats treated with carbon-14-labeled pendimethalin, PROWL herbicide
      J. ZULALIAN, (Metabolism. Lab., Agric. Res. Div., American Cyanamide Comp., P.O. Box 400, Priceton, New Jersey 08543-0400, USA)

      J. Agric. Food. Chem. 38, 1743-1754 (1990). One- and two-dimensional TLC of PROWL herbicide, pendimethalin [N-(1-ethylpropyl)-3,4-dimethyl-2,6-dinitobenzenamine] with chloroform - acetone - acetic acid 12:6:2 and 18:9:3, also with 4 other systems; autoradiogrphy; quantification by scintillation after scraping. Preparative TLC with 1,2-dichloroethene; two-dimensional TLC with 1. benzene and 2. heptane - triethylamine 95:5.

      Classification: 29d
      79 132
      Acifluorfen sorption and sorption kinetics in soil
      M.A. LOCKE*, L.A. GASTON, R.M. ZABLOTOWICZ, (*Southern Weed Sci. Lab., Agric. Res. Serv., U.S. Dept. of Agric., P.O. Box 350, Stoneville, Mississippi 38776, USA)

      J. Agric. Food Chem. 45, 286-293 (1997). HPTLC of acifluorfen (5-[2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]-2-nitrobenzoic acid), and aminoacifluorfen on silica with toluene - ethyl acetate - acetic acid - water 100:100:2:1. Densitometry.

      Classification: 29d
      92 059
      Correlation of retention data of pesticides in normal- and reversed-phase systems and utilization of the data for separation of a mixture of ten urea herbicides by two-dimensional thin-layer chromatography on cyanopropyl-bonded polar stationary phase and
      T. TUZIMSKI*, E. SOCZEWINSKI, (*Dept. of Inorg. and Anal. Chem., Med. Univ., Staszica 6, 20-081 Lublin, Poland)

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 16, 263-267 (2003). Comparison of selectivities of TLC systems by use of correlations between RF(II) and RF(I) values (by analogy with two-dimensional TLC). 2D-TLC of 10 urea herbicides (monolinuron, linuron, metobromuron, chlorbromuron, chlorotoluron, diuron, metoxuron, isoproturon, chloroxuron, methabenzthiazuron) on cyanopropyl-modified silica gel, normal-phase with ethyl acetate - heptane 1:4 (step A) and reversed-phase with dioxane - water 2:3 (step B). Also separation by the 2D-TLC system comprising normal-phase chromatography on silica gel with tetrahydrofuran - heptane 2:3 and reversed-phase on RP-18 silica with methanol - water 3:2. Detection under UV 254 nm. One-dimensional HPTLC on RP-18 and cyanopropyl-modified silica gel.

      Classification: 29d
      102 082
      Determination of pesticides in water samples from the Wieprz-Krzna canal in the Leczynsko-Wlodawskie lake district of southeastern Poland by thin-layer chromatography with diode array scanning and high-performance column liquid chromatography with diode a
      T. TUZIMSKI (Medical University, Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, 4 Staszica St, 20-081 Lublin, Poland;

      J. AOAC Int. 91, 1203-1209 (2008). HPTLC of atrazine, clofentezine, chlorfenvinphos, hexaflumuron, terbuthylazine, lenacyl, neburon, bitertanol, and metamitron on silica gel with ethyl acetate - n-heptane 1:4, 3:7, 2:3, or 7:3 in a horizontal chamber. Detection by scanning in the range of 200 to 600 nm with a TLC-DAD scanner.

      Classification: 29d, 37c