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      106 125
      Prediction of the retention of beta-diketonato complexes in TLC systems on silica gel by quantitative structure-retention relationships
      R. BAOSIC*, A. RADOJEVIC, Z. TESIC (*Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Studentski trg 12, P.O. Box 158, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia)

      J. Serb. Chem. Soc. 75(4), 513-521 (2010). A TLC method has been reported for prediction of retention behavior of several beta-diketonato complexes of cobalt(III), chromium(III), and ruthenium(III). Aim of this study was to develop a model for accurate quantitative relationships between molecular structures and retention behavior of mixed beta-diketonato complexes. TLC of 36 complexes on silica gel with four mono- and five two-component mobile phases. Quantitative structure - retention relationships (QSSRS) shall allow the prediction of retention of new solutes and structurally similar compounds, as well as their molecular description.

      Classification: 26c
      57 112
      Chinese J
      ZH. HU (Hu Zhide), Y. ZHANG (Zhang Yansheng)

      Chromatogr. (Se pu) 3, 191-194 (1985). (Chinese). (Study on the TLC behaviours of transition metal complexes with 5-Br-PADAP.) TLC of nickel, copper and cobalt-5- Br- PADAP complexes on silica with methanol -chloroform - acetyl acetone 1:10:0.005. Quantitation by densitometry at 500 nm. The coefficients of variation 0.24 %, 0.76 % and 0.26 % for nickel, copper and cobalt, respectively.

      Classification: 26c
      58 100
      Identification of arsenobetaine in muscle of round nose floundereopsetta grigorijewi

      Japanese Fisheries (Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi) 51, 1203 (1985). TLC on cellulose with five solvent systems: a) ethyl acetate - acetic acid - water 3:2:1, b) chloroform - methanol -28 % NH3 3:2:1, c) butanol - acetone - 85 % formate -water 10:10:2:5, d) butanol - acetone - 28 % NH3 - water 10:10:2:5, e) butanol - acetone - water 4:2:1. Identification by Rf comparison, confirmation by IR.

      Classification: 4e, 26c
      68 069
      Identification of individual diacylglycerols by adsorption thin-layer chromatography of their coordination complexes
      V.P. PCHELKIN*, A.G. VERESHCHAGIN, (*Lab. Lipid Metab., Inst. Plant Physiol., Acad. Sci., Botanicheskaya 35, Moscow 127276 USSR)

      J. Chromatogr. 538, 373-383 (1991). Preparative TLC of diacylglycerols (DAGS) on silica - boric acid 19:1 with chloroform - acetone 98:2. Detection under UV 254 nm. Elution of DAG isomers with chloroform - methanol - trimethyl borate 20:10:1. Analytical TLC of 11 DAGS on silver impregnated silica with silver nitrate - saturated mixture of chloroform - isopropanol 99:1. Identification of the correlation between mobility and polarity of DAG species.

      Classification: 6, 26c
      70 136
      (Separation and identification of Mo(VI)-amino acid coordination compounds by thin-layer chromatography
      T. WEI (Wei Tianjun), G. FENG (Feng Guangying), J. ZHANG (Zhang Jianwei), (Dep. Chem., Henan Norm. Univ., Xiuxiang 453002, P.R. China)

      Chinese J. Chromatogr. (Sepu), 11, 52-53 (1993). TLC of Mo(VI)-amino acid coordination compounds on silica with methanol - ethanol 7:3. Detection under UV 254 nm. Detection limits, < 4 ng.

      Classification: 26c