CAMAG® Horizontal Developing Chamber

    In the Horizontal Developing Chambers, plates can be developed in sandwich as well as in unsaturated and saturated chamber configuration. The chamber is suitable for all kinds of solvents.

CAMAG® Horizontal Developing Chambers

In the Horizontal Developing Chambers, HPTLC plates can be developed from both opposing sides towards the middle. This permits the number of samples to be doubled as compared with development in a tank, provided the separation distance of 45 mm, i.e. 50 mm minus 5 mm distance from the edge, is sufficient. This chamber type is often used for screening purposes. The obtained chromatograms differ from those obtained with the same mobile phase system developed in vertical chambers.

Key Features

  • Chamber for horizontal development
  • Available in the formats 20 x 10 cm and 10 x 10 cm
  • Development from both plate sides possible to double the number of samples
  • Development in sandwich or tank configuration
  • Low solvent consumption

Horizontal Developing Chamber Scheme

1   HPTLC plate (layer facing down)
2   Glass plate for sandwich configuration
3   Reservoir for developing solvent
4   Glass strip
5   Cover plate
6   Conditioning tray


Instruction Manual Horizontal Developing Chamber

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CAMAG® Horizontal Developing Chamber for 10 x 10 cm plates


CAMAG® Horizontal Developing Chamber for 20 x 10 cm plates