CAMAG® Glass Reagent Sprayer

    This all glass reagent sprayer is an alternative to the CAMAG® TLC Sprayer. It comes with a rubber pump but may also be operated from a compressed air or nitrogen supply.

CAMAG® Glass Reagent Sprayer

The Glass Reagent Sprayer is used for manual reagent transfer onto TLC plates. Homogeneity is lower compared to automated spraying with the CAMAG® Derivatizer. It is recommended to use the Glass Reagent Sprayer in the CAMAG® TLC Spray Cabinet 2 to protect the user from reagent mist while spraying.

Key Features

  • For manual spraying of all common derivatization reagents
  • Chemical-resistant


Instruction Manual Glass Reagent Sprayer

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Glass Reagent Sprayer, all glass, with 100 mL Erlenmeyer flask