Product Release Information visionCATS 2.3


Release Number: 2.3.16286.1 (2.3)
Release Date: 2016-10-12

Customer Support: For more information or support, please email us at


This document contains the release notes for visionCATS version 2.3. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

Installation and Upgrade Notes


See the installation instructions for full details.

IMPORTANT: You must completely uninstall any previous "developer release" or "early access" version of this product before installing this release.


This release consists of the following items:

Release notes (this file)
Instrument Firmware
visionCATS installer
Example Files and Template Files (you may import them after installation)

Minimum System Requirements

System Memory: 4000 MB
Free Disk Space: 100 GB
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional (or ultimate) 64-bit, Windows 10 Pro (or Enterprise) 64-bit, or Windows Server 2012 R2 (visionCATS server only)
Networking:    Internet access (only required to access the online documentation and the Method Library items)

This version has been tested and released on Win7 64bit and Win10 64bit (see “Known issues” for detailed information).

For “server only” installation: This version has been tested and released on Windows Server 2012 R2 (domain controller excluded)

What's new in visionCATS 2.3?

  • TLC Visualizer 2 support
  • Derivatizer support (documentation)
  • SST is now display track profiles, SST is also possible with TLC Scanner 3/4 data
  • Instrument could have a nickname (for easier selection), and unconnected could be hidden

Known Problems and Workarounds

Issue: After reinstalling with different server and instrument service ports, no instrument service are available.
WORKAROUND: Restart the service visionCATS Server.

Issue: The camera is not recognized anymore after the PC was in sleep or hibernate mode.
WORKAROUND: Some USB3 controllers have some issues with the camera, like the Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller. Restart the machine to resolve the problem, and disable sleep mode to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Issue: Blue screen when capture image with TLC Visualizer on a Windows 10
WORKAROUND: Go to Power Options/Choose what the power button does/Change settings that are currently available/Shutdown settings and disable the option “Turn on fast startup”

Issue: A click on the OK button of the message box appearing when an error occurs during a step execution, while the instrument is already executing a step of another analysis, causes an error to occur in the step currently in progress.
WORKAROUND: When the error message appears, click on the OK button before starting the execution of the other step.

Issue: Profiles viewer stops responding when two or more viewers are visible at the same time (docking or multi windows)
WORKAROUND: Close the corresponding analysis of the blocked viewer, and reopen it without another profiles viewer being visible.

Issue: The import of winCATS methods won't import steps of instruments not supported in visionCATS, and some winCATS specific parameters will be ignored
REASON: winCATS and visionCATS don't exactly support the same set of instruments, and for each instrument, the exact same set of parameters
WORKAROUND: After having imported some winCATS methods, visionCATS will inform the user when some steps are ignored. In all cases, please review the imported methods.

Issue: After changing of the Visualizer, a Visualizer cannot be executed in an analysis already having images
REASON: Only one Visualizer can be used in an analysis
WORKAROUND: Redo the analysis

Issue: After changing of the camera for a Visualizer, an already opened analysis with a Visualizer step waiting for execution, or Visualizer Manual control or OQ may behave strangely (using the old camera, bad image corrections...)
WORKAROUND: Before changing of a camera, close all analyses with the next step as Visualizer and Visualizer views

Issue: After changing of the camera for a Visualizer, the Visualizer icon in the toolbox isn't marked as having a bad Diagnostic
WORKAROUND: Restart the client

Issue: While using two Visualizers on a single PC, one or both cameras aren't detected, or the camera of one Visualizer seems to be connected to the other.
WORKAROUND: We strongly suggest using only one Visualizer per Instrument Service (PC)

Issue: No image appears in Data or in Comparison after the initial installation of visionCATS on the PC
WORKAROUND: Restart Windows

Issue: Sequence table doesn't allow to drag and drop a multi-selection
WORKAROUND: Before clicking for drag and during the drag, hold SHIFT key for dragging a multi-selection

Issue: Application crashes after clicking on an image or opening a comparison
WORKAROUND: Update your graphic driver to the latest version

Issue: After installation, no visionCATS is installed. Also, the SQL Server service may not want to start.
WORKAROUND: Change the name of the user which installs the application, so that the username is different from PC and domain name

Issue: Instruments aren't responding correctly
WORKAROUND: Check if you have an Intel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL COM port on your machine, and disable the corresponding COM port in visionCATS/General Settings

Issue: visionCATS displays "Out of memory" with only around 1.2 GB of 4 GB memory used by visionCATS, on a 32-bit system
WORKAROUND: use a 64-bit system

Issue: When using offline help, the display of some pages is very slow
REASON: the page requests an online resource that is not accessible, causing the slow down
WORKAROUND: use the online help when possible. If not possible, try using Chrome or Firefox (instead of Internet Explorer), where the slow down occurs less often.

Issue: visionCATS fails in Scanner/Scanner 3 Diagnostics if the Positioning-Test is started in the same session. 
REASON: Scanner data of the new test cannot be stored for later processing. This does not invalidate the test results of the previous run.
WORKAROUND: Close the current Scanner Instrument Tab and reopen it. Attention: just switching between the Tabs inside the Instrument Tab will not prevent the failure. You need to close the Instrument Tab.