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      124 033
      A new chromogenic spray reagent for the detection and identification of 2,4-dichlorophenol, an intermediate of 2,4-D herbicide in biological material by high-performance thin-layer chromatography
      K. PATIL*, A. PATIL, A. PATIL, P. KULKARNI, V. CHANDEGAONKAR, B. MORE (*Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Dindori Road, Nashik 422004, Maharashtra, India,

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 32, 431-434 (2019). HPTLC of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic (2,4-D) acid in visceral tissue on silica gel with hexane - acetone - ethyl acetate 7:1:3. Detection by spraying with 4 % potassium ferricyanide, following by spraying with 2% 4-amminoantipyrene solution. 2,4-D was visible in daylight as brick red zone with hRF value of 82. LOD was 0.5 µg for 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.

      Classification: 29a
      123 059
      Use of diphenylamine reagent for High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatographic Detection of organochloro insecticide endosulfan in biological samples
      U. PAWAR*, C. PAWAR, U. KULKARNI, R. PARDESHI, M. FAROOQUI, D. SHINDE (*Regional Forensic Science Laboratories, Aurangabad, MS, India,

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 32, 65-68 (2019). HPTLC of endosulfan in biological samples (pieces of stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, kidney, and lungs) on silica gel with hexane - acetone 4:1. Detection by spraying with a 10 % sodium hydroxide solution and then with diphenylamine reagent (2 g diphenylamine in 20 mL glacial acetic acid and 20 mL ethyl acetate), following by exposure to sunlight for 10 min. The hRF values of the endosulfan coordination complex (alpha and beta isomers) were 66 and 85. Zones were stable for 8 to 10 days.

      Classification: 29a
      100 058
      HPTLC analysis of octachlorodipropyl ether in insecticide formulations
      H. CAO (Cao Haiqun), Y. YUE* (Yue Yongde), R. HUA (Hua Rimao), F. TANG (Tang Feng) Y. SHI (Shi Yanhong), X. WU (Wu Xiangwei), R. ZHANG (Zhang Rong), M. XIE (Xie Mengxing) (*International Center for Bamboo and Rattan, 100102 Beijing, China;

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 20, 341-345 (2007). HPTLC of octachlorodipropyl ether on silica gel prewashed with chloroform - methanol 1:1 in an unsaturated twin-trough chamber with toluene - acetic acid - water 20:20:1. Detection by spraying with silver nitrate - 2 M ethanolic potassium hydroxide, followed by heating for 30 min at 120 °C, overspraying with 1 % silver nitrate in 30 % nitric acid, and exposure to UV light for approximately 15 min. Densitometric evaluation of absorbance at 399 nm.

      Classification: 29a
      59 131
      Fate of (14 C) deltamethrin in lactating dairy cows

      J. Agric. Food Chem. 34, 753-758 (1986). TLC of deltamethrin and metabolites on silica with benzene (saturated with formic acid) - ether 10:3. Visualization by autoradiography, quantification by LSC. Structure elucidation of separated components after extraction.

      Classification: 29a
      67 162
      (14C)-g-hexachlorocyclohexane in a flooded soil with green manuring
      J. DREGO, N.B.K. MURTHY, K. RAGHU, (Nuclear Agric. Div., Bhabha Atomic Res. Centre, Bombay 400 085, India)

      J. Agric. Food Chem. 38, 266-268 (1990). TLC on silica with hexane - methanol - acetone - diethylamine 100:1:1:1 (2x development). Visualization under UV after spraying with a chromogenic agent or autoradiography.

      Classification: 29a
      100 059
      Spectrophotometric and TLC detection reagent for the insecticides dichlorvos (DDVP) and diptrex (trichlorfon), and their metabolites, in biological tissue
      B.B. DAUNDKHAR, R.R. MAVLE*, M.K. MALVE, R. KRISHNAMURTHY (*Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratory, State of Maharashtra, Hans Bhugra Marg, Kalina, Vidyanagari, Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai 400 098, India;

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 20, 217-219 (2007). TLC of dichlorvos and diptrex on silica gel with hexane - acetone 4:1. Detection by spraying with a reagent prepared from strong alkali, for example 10 % sodium hydroxide, and 0.5% aqueous sodium sulfide solution. The sensitivity is approx. 20 µg for both dichlorvos and diptrex.

      Classification: 29a
      59 138
      Degradation of cis- and trans-permethrin in flooded soil

      J. Agric. Food Chem. 34, 880-884 (1986). Separation and determination of (14 C) cis- and trans-permethrin and metabolites on silica in two-dimensional mode with benzene (saturated with formic acid) - ether 10:3 and three developments with hexane - benzene - acetone 7:3:0.1 in the second direction. Detection by autoradiography and quantification by LSC.

      Classification: 29a
      67 164
      Metabolism of (14C)Quizalofop-ethyl in soybean and cotton plants
      M.K. KOEPPE, J.J. ANDERSON, L.M. SHALABY, (Agric. Prod. Dept., Experim. Station, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc., Wilmington, Delaware 19880-0402, USA)

      J. Agric. Food. Chem. 38, 1085-1091 (1990). TLC of (14C)Quizalofop-ethyl, (14C)Quizalofor and derivatives on silica with toluene - acetone - methanol - acetic acid 150:60:12:1. Detection by autoradiography.

      Classification: 29a