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      69 160
      (Determination of ribostamycin and neamine by thin-layer chromatography
      K. NI (Ni Kunyi), H. HE (He Hua), H. WANG (Wang Honggan), (Div. Anal. Chem., China Pharm. Univ., Nanjing, 210009 P.R. China)

      ) (Chinese). J. China Pharm. Univ.(Zhongguo Yaoke Daxue Xuebao) 22, 241-243 (1991). TLC of ribostamycina and neamine on silica with chloroform – methanol – NH3 – acetone 2322. Detection by spraying with 0.03% ninhydrin. Quantification by densitometry at 535 nm.

      Classification: 28a
      73 104
      HPTLC analysis of antibiotics in fish feed
      M. VEGA. G. GARCIA, R. SAELZER, R. VILLEGAS, (Dept. de Bromatologia Nutricion y Dieteteca, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Concepcion, P. O. Box 237, Concepcion, Chile)

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 7, 159-162 (1994). HPTLC of oxolinic acid on silica impregnated with 0.1 M K2HPO4 with chloroform - acetone 91; of erythromycin on silica with ethyl acetate - acetic acid - water 622. Visualization by derivatization with 4-methoxybenzaldehyde; quantification by densitometry (absorbance at 517 nm). HPTLC of oxytetracycline on silica treated by dipping into an aqueous solution of 10% EDTA with dichloromethane - methanol - water 59356. Scanning by fluorescence at 366/>400 nm or by absorbance at 254 or 280 nm.

      Classification: 28a
      77 088
      Determination of tetracyclines in animal feeds in the presence of other drugs by thin-layer chromatography and microbiological method
      P.K. MARKAKIS, (Aristotle Univ., School of Vet. Med., Lab. of Animal Nutr., 540 06 Thessaloniki, Greece)

      J. AOAC Int. 79, 375-379 (1996). TLC of oxytetracycline or chlorotetracycline in animal feeds in the presence of 11 other drugs (3 nitrofurans, 2 macrolide antibiotics, 3 sulfonamides, 2 coccidiostatics, 1 antibacterial growth promoter) on silica with chloroform - methanol 101. Detection under UV 254 and 366 nm. Quantification after microbiologically elution by the agar diffusion method. Limit of quantification 0.625 ppm, recovery 92.9 %, CV 2.3 - 4.4 %.

      Classification: 28a
      81 070
      Evaluation of the European four-plate test as a tool for screening antibiotic residues in meat samples from retail outlets
      L. OKERMAN*, J. van HOOF, W. DEBEUCKELAERE, (*Univ. of Ghent, Fac. of Vet. Med., Dept. of Food Hyg., Salisburylaan 133, B.9820 Merelbeke, Belgium)

      J. AOAC Int. 81, 51-56 (1998). TLC of 6 sulfonamides (sulfadimidine, sulfadoxine, sulfadiazine, sulfadimethoxine, sulfathiazole, sulfamerazine) on silica gel with concentration zone with mixtures of NH3 in methanol and dichloromethane and a 3-step TLC method acc. to L.S.G. van Poucke et al., J. Chromatogr. Sci. 29, 423-427 (1991). Detection after drying by dipping in a 0.01% fluorescamine in acetone solution and observation under UV 366 nm. Semiquantitative determination by visual comparison of the spots against spiked samples.

      Classification: 28a
      88 090
      The retention behavior of selected macrocyclic antibiotics on polyamide TLC plates
      J. NOWAKOWSKA*, J. HALKIEWICZ, J. W. LUKASIAK, (*Med. Univ. of Gdansk, Fac. of Pharm., Hallera 107, PL 80-416, Gdansk, Poland)

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 14, 350-354 (2001). TLC of troleandomycin, tylosin, rifamycin B, vancomycin, erythromycin, and rifampicin on polyamide 11 plates with five binary solvent mixtures methanol - water, ethanol - water, propanol - water, acetonitrile - water, and tetrahydrofuran - water. Detection by spraying with anisaldehyde - methanol - acetic acid - orthophosphoric acid - sulfuric acid 110010105 and heating at 110°C for 10 min.

      Classification: 28a
      96 061
      Determination of sulfonamides and trimethoprim in spiked water samples by solid-phase extraction and thin-layer chromatography
      Sandra Babic*, D. Asperger, D. Mutavdzic, A. J. M. Horvat, M. Kastelan-Macan (*Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, Marulicev trg 20, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia)

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 18, 423-426 (2005). HPTLC of antibiotics (sulfadimidine, sulfadiazine, sulfaguanidine, trimethoprim) on silica gel without chamber saturation in a twin-trough chamber with chloroform - methanol 8911. Quantification by videodensitometry at 254 nm. Limit of detection was 0.05 µg per spot for sulfadimidine, sulfadiazine, and sulfaguanidine, and 0.1 µg per spot for trimethoprim.

      Classification: 28a, 37c
      105 043
      Rapid, simple, and economical method for quantification of ochratoxin A in red wine
      Juliane WELKE, M. HOELTZ, H.A. DOTTORI, I.B. NOLL (*Instituto de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Alimentos, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Av. Bento Goncalves, 9500, 91570-901, Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil;

      J. Planar Chromatogr. 23, 116-118 (2010). HPTLC of ochratoxin A on silica gel with toluene - ethyl acetate - formic acid 631 in a saturated chamber. Detection by spraying with ethanolic sodium bicarbonate solution (6 g sodium hydrogen carbonate, 100 mL water, 20 mL ethanol); after drying, evaluation and videodensitometry under 366 nm. The linear regression coefficient of the calibration for OTA in the concentration range 0.8 to 12 ng/zone was 0.9992. The mean recovery was 92 +- 8.9 %. Recovery from wine samples at levels of 0.5, 2, and 5 µg/L was 84, 90, and 102 %, respectively, and the respective relative standard deviations were 5.7, 8, and 7 %. LOD was 0.32 ng/spot and LOQ 0.1 µg/L.

      Classification: 28b
      118 067
      Microwave drying and disinfestation of Brazil nut seeds
      A. DA SILVA, H. SARTURI, E. DALL'OGLIO*, M. SOARES, P. DE SOUSA, L. GOMES, C. KUHNEN (*Departamento de Quimica, Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso, Av. Fernando Correa da Costa s/n, Coxipo, Cuiaba, MT, CEP 78090-600, Brazil,

      Food Control. 70, 119-129 (2016). HPTLC of aflatoxins AFB1, AFB2, AFG1 and AFG2 in Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) on silica gel with toluene – ethyl acetate – formic acid 541. Qualititative identification under UV light at 366 nm.

      Classification: 28b