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      119 077
      Simultaneous quantitation of boric acid and calcium fructoborate in dietary supplements by HPTLC-densitometry
      A. BITA, G. MOGOSANU, L. BEJENARU, C. OANCEA, C. BEJENARU, O. CROITORU, G. RAU, J. NEAMTU, J. SCORELI, I. SCOREI*, J. HUNTER, B. EVERS, B. NEMZER, F. ANGHELINA, O. ROGOVEANU (*BioBoron Research Institute, University of Craiova, Mircesti Street, Bldg. M4/1/1, 200506 Craiova, Romania,

      Anal. Sci. 33, 743-746 (2017). HPTLC of boric acid (1) and calcium fructoborate (2) on silica gel with 2-propanol – water 4:1. Detection by spraying with 0.1 % ethanolic chlorogenic acid solution. Quantitative determination by densitometry at 365 nm. The hRF values for (1) and (2) were 83 and 59, respectively. Linearity was between 0.2 and 0.8 μg/zone for (1) and 1 and 4 μg/zone for (2). LOD and LOQ were 50 and 160 ng/zone for (1) and 270 and 830 ng/zone for (2). The intermediate precision was <2 % (n=3). Recovery rate was between 98 and 102 %.

      Classification: 26b, 32a
      56 113
      Chinese J

      Chromatogr. 2, 13-19 (1985) (Chinese) (Analysis of organometallic compounds IV. Thin-layer chromatography of borane anion ferrocene quaternary ammonium salts.) TLC of the title compound on silica with cyclohexane - acetone - 0.2 M tetraethyl ammonium bromide 2:10:1.2, or cyclohexane - acetone - 0.2 M tetrethylammonium iodide 2:10:1.2. Detection with iodine vapour. Discussion of relationship between the structure and Rf values.

      Classification: 2, 26a, 26b
      80 066
      (Selection of TLC solvent system for separating substituted ferro-cyclopentadienyl borane using orthogonal array method
      X. YANG (Yang Xuejin)*, L. WU (Wu Lin), Y. PEI (Pei Yaqun), J. HU (Hu Peizhi), (*Dept. Chem. Nankai Univ., Tianjin 300071, P.R. China)

      Chinese J. Chromatogr. (Sepu) 15, 331-333 (1997). Use of orthogonal array method to optimize the mobile phase. TLC on silica with acetone - cyclohexane - tetraethyl ammonium halide 59:824:118. Discussion of the factors affecting the final results.

      Classification: 3d, 26b