CAMAGflash June 2018


CAMAG TLC Scanner 4 – the most advanced workstation for densitometric evaluation of TLC/HPTLC chromatograms

40 years ago, CAMAG brought out its first scanner specifically designed for the densitometric evaluation of TLC/HPTLC chromatograms. The scanner was featuring conventional electronics. Evaluation of data was effected via link to an integrator, mostly Spectra Physics. Around that time, the group of Prof. Siegfried Ebel had already fitted the Zeiss PMQ2 spectrometer with computer control and evaluation. He also computerized the CAMAG Scanner. Computer controlled analytical systems then where rather avant-garde and captured the market only slowly, particularly since several customers had various special requests, and Ebel’s group tried to meet such requests whenever possible. In 1986, CAMAG introduced its own software (Software 86, later CATS) and from that point on CAMAG Scanners were no longer available without computer control. Described on this page is the most advanced system for densitometry, the CAMAG TLC Scanner 4, operated with visionCATS.

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CAMAGflash June 2018