HPTLC Training Courses

CAMAG is also your partner when it comes to education and training in the field of High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography. Select one of our courses to stay up to date with new developments in HPTLC methodology and technology. Let us show you how to properly use your equipment, get reliable results, and develop and validate methods yourself.

CAMAG offers HPTLC training courses on the following topics:

  • HPTLC Today: general and special HPTLC techniques; bioassays on HPTLC plates
  • HPTLC for the analysis of botanicals
  • Method development and validation in HPTLC

Training Course Schedule and Registration

Course Date Location Days

Lipid analysis by HPTLC      31.05 - 31.05.2018 Instituto de Carboquímica (ICB) 1

Wirkungsbezogene Analytik mit HPTLC in der Wasseranalytik      06.11 - 08.11.2018 Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung Langenau, Deutschland 2

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