CAMAG Linomat 5

With the CAMAG Linomat 5 samples are sprayed onto TLC/HPTLC plates in the form of bands with nitrogen or compressed air. Sample application is automatic, only changing the syringe (filling, inserting and rinsing) is manual. The Linomat is suitable for small sample throughput.

Software-controlled operation with visionCATS

The CAMAG Linomat 5 is controlled by visionCATS, the new generation of HPTLC software. Instrument handling is now easier and more convenient. Simply select a plate format, fill in the sequence table and start working. With visionCATS, the CAMAG Linomat 5 can be IQ/OQ qualified and used in a cGMP environment.

Operation in stand-alone mode

For those who use the CAMAG Linomat 5 infrequently stand-alone mode is available. Up to ten methods can be entered either manually via the keypad or downloaded to the instrument from a computer running a licensed visionCATS program. In stand-alone mode the keypad is used to enter sample application parameters or to select a saved method.

Sample application as bands

HTPLC fingerprint (flavonoids) of green and black tea samples representing different geographic origins.

HTPLC fingerprint of green tea samples
HTPLC fingerprint of green tea samples

Track assignment

Track Details
1 reference substances with increasing
RF: rutin, chlorogenic acid, hyperoside,
gallic acid
2 - 8 samples from China
9 - 13 samples from Japan
14 - 15   samples from India


For comparison:  
16 - 17 black tea from Sri Lanka

Tracks taken from different plates

Technical specifications

Object support

For objects up to 20x20 cm

Stage drive

Stepping motor 3200 steps/rotation, 8 steps = 0.1 mm
Band length 0 (spot) - 190 mm in steps of 0.1 mm
Speed approx. 10 mm/s; the speed is automatically adapted such that a whole number of passages is reached with the volume selected.

Dosage syringe drive

Stepping motor 1600 steps/rotation
100 nL = 120 steps with 100 µL syringe
100 nL = 24 steps with 500 µL syringe

Sample dosage syringe

selectable 100 µL or 500 µL


10 methods, backup min. 10 years

LCD display

2 lines of 16 characters ea.

Mains voltage

100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Gas supply

4 - 6 bar (60 - 90 PSI) preferably nitrogen; consumption approx. 1.0 L/min


360 mm width, 510 mm length, 410 mm height


12.5 kg

Ordering information Linomat 5


CAMAG® Linomat 5
semi-automatic sample application system for bandwise,
spray-on application of the sample onto the chromatographic layer,
including one dosing syringe 100  µL,
without software winCATS or visionCATS, 90 - 230 V

Note: For operation the Linomat 5 requires external supply of compressed nitrogen (or air), which is not included.


CAMAG® HPTLC Software visionCATS Basic Version
Including access and control of all instruments - 1 server and 1 client,
Instrument Diagnostics (xQ), Analytical reports - Access to method library.
Needs to be bought separately and is not included in any Ultimate Package


Dosage syringe 100 μL for Linomat


Dosage syringe 500 μL for Linomat

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