Herbal drug

CAMAG’s pioneering role in the analysis of herbal drugs

High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) is the technique of choice for the analysis of herbal drugs. CAMAG’s HPTLC systems are designed to meet your needs for successful qualitative and quantitative analysis of raw materials and finished products. In addition, CAMAG’s dedicated and highly qualified scientific staff continuously develops new methods to solve analytical challenges in the field of herbal medicines.

HPTLC’s capability for dealing with complex matrices is impressively demonstrated in the case study of the qualitative analysis of Ginkgo leaves and dry leaf extracts. Ginkgo extracts are widely used as herbal medicines and botanical dietary supplements.

We offer you the tools and expertise needed to withstand any regulatory scrutiny regarding your botanical material whether your concern is inspection of the incoming goods or the quality control of your finished products. The use of standardized HPTLC methods allows you to clearly identify natural materials, regardless of the source, based on their chromatographic fingerprint. Additionally, HPTLC is a powerful tool to rapidly compare several samples in parallel, check for adulteration, monitor purity and stability, and quantify marker compounds.

Equip your lab with the CAMAG products that are most suitable for your specific needs and consult with us in the search for the solution to your analytical problems.

Customer Testimonial

"Identification of botanicals is a very complicated process. The standard tools in the industry to identify materials typically cannot be used to identify botanicals, because with botanicals you are dealing with a species, a genus and even down to a plant part. In order for the product to be efficacious, we have to make sure that we have the proper genus, the proper species and the proper plant part. So one of the only methods in the industry that can test down to that level in detail is TLC, or in our case we’ve invested in the High-Performance TLC machine and that is what we use to identify botanicals."

Jenna Farr, Quality Assurance Manager, Nature’s Way Brands

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