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Prof. Dr. Gertrud Morlock
Editor CBS

Dear friends

The new version of Cumulative CAMAG Bibliography Service CCBS is now online and will be updated after the publication of each new CBS edition. Currently, this extensive database includes more than 11'000 abstracts of publications between 1983 and today. The CCBS features additional practical information for the analyst in the lab, for example details on the mobile phase or the detection. With CCBS you can perform your own detailed TLC/HPTLC literature search and find relevant TLC/HPTLC publications which might be helpful for solving a particular analytical question.

  • Full text search: Enter a keyword, e.g. a substance name, a substance class, a technique, a reagent, or an author's name
  • Browse and search by CBS classification: Select one of the 38 CBS classification categories and search by keyword
  • Alphabetical Search: Select an initial character and browse associated keywords
  • Search by CBS edition: Select a CBS edition and retrieve all abstracts published in this CBS issue. With this search you can get all abstracts of one CBS issue - similarly to the former printed yellow pages
  • After registration (My Account) a cart appears left to each abstract. By using the cart icon you can create your individual selection of abstracts throughout the CCBS search and export this selection to PDF

This service is free of charge.

Regards from Switzerland,
Gertrud Morlock

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