CEO Statement on Current Situation

    Last updated: 27 January 2021

The pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit some regions of the world with a second wave and each country has taken its individual measures to fight against it, CAMAG is and will remain dedicated to provide in time our products and services to all our distributors and customers worldwide.

Switzerland and many other countries are still affected by the pandemic. Vaccination has started all over the world, but it will still take months to slowly ramp up our travel activities. In the meantime, we are all dedicated to communicate electronically with all our customers and distributors. Our products are available and despite some logistic restrictions for certain countries available for delivery.

Fortunately, no coronavirus infections have been detected with our employees and their families up to now.

I wish you and your families – also in the name of the whole CAMAG family – good health and hopefully still good business.

Best regards,
Dr. Markus Wyss, CEO