CEO Statement on Current Situation

    24 March 2020

As the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) progresses and most countries have taken individual measures to fight against it, CAMAG will remain dedicated to provide in time our products and services to all our distributors and customers worldwide.

According to the lockdown currently valid in Switzerland, everybody who is able to work from home is doing it. Production, logistics, sales administration and other functions, who are indispensable, are still working at CAMAG. Our service and repair colleagues are available in case of support issues and the laboratory can be reached for any questions concerning methods. Foreign travel is currently suspended in Switzerland for the next weeks.

Product stocks are high and the necessary supply of raw materials are guaranteed for months to come. Purchasing has evaluated the supply situation for raw materials beyond this period and we do not foresee any major disruption currently. The development of our newly invented product HPTLC PRO is progressing well and the available modules APPLICATION and DEVELOPMENT can be ordered without delay.

Your local distributor may also be affected by a lockdown currently, but the worldwide CAMAG family does its best to stand by your side and deliver to your needs, which is in many cases still possible. Contact your local distributor for details.

To summarize the situation: times are tough, but your orders are processed immediately and CAMAG products will be delivered as confirmed, if logistically possible.

Fortunately, no coronavirus infections have been detected with our employees and their families up to now.

I wish you and your families also in the name of the whole CAMAG family good health and hopefully still good business.

Best regards,
Dr. Markus Wyss, CEO