CAMAG UV Cabinet 4

The UV Cabinet 4 is designed for inspecting thin-layer chromatograms or other objects under UV light in absence of ambient light.


The UV Cabinet 4 consists of a CAMAG UV Lamp 4 and the Viewing Box 4. The front of the Viewing Box 4 is closed with a roller shutter. Eyes are protected by the UV filter in the viewing window. The distance between UV lamp and object is optimally selected for homogeneous illumination and observation of the entire plate through the viewing window.

Key features

  • Minimum space requirements through reduced footprint
  • Eyes protected through UV filter in the viewing window
  • Almost no influence of ambient light
  • For any plate format up to 20 x 20 cm

Ordering information UV Cabinet 4


CAMAG® UV Cabinet 4 consisting of:

022.9060 CAMAG® Viewing Box 4 for CAMAG UV lamps of the 022.91XX series

022.9160 CAMAG® UV Lamp 4 dual wavelength 254/366 nm, 2 x 8 W

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