CAMAG BioLuminizer®

The CAMAG BioLuminizer® is a detection system specifically designed to detect bioluminescence on HPTLC plates.


Key features

  • Stand-alone operation using BioLuminizer® Software.
  • 16 bit cooled CCD camera with high resolution and high quantum efficiency.
  • Optimized HPTLC plate compartment for prolonged stability of the plate.
  • Compact in design, easy to use and clean.

The complex sample is first separated into distinct zones of the individual components using HPTLC. The plate is subsequently immersed in the luminescent bacterial suspension.

The reaction takes place within a very short time; all zones with inhibitory or toxic effects appear as black zones on the luminescent chromatogram. This method is a fast, low-cost way of demonstrating biological activity.


Process wastewater containing X-ray contrastmedia is frequently irradiated with UV light. The HPTLC/bioluminescence image shows the bioactive effect of the degradation products. An increase in the irradiation time generates substances with a distinctively inhibitory effect.

In a cuvette test, this inhibitory effect would have been masked by degradation products, which stimulate luminescence and are visible in the lower section of the chromatogram.

The example is taken from an internship report at the «Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung» in Langenau, Germany.

Ordering information BioLuminizer®


CAMAG BioLuminizer®
230 V, for detection of bioluminescence patterns on HPTLC plates by means of a cooled high resolution CCD camera, the CAMAG BioLuminizer® unit is pre-mounted and includes the software to control the camera which is connected via USB port to a PC.

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