CAMAG HPTLC Vario System

Development with six different developing solvents can be tested side by side

Key features

  • Development with six different solvents can be tested side by side.
  • Sandwich as well as tank configuration can be simulated side by side, making results directly comparable.
  • Six different conditions of pre-equilibration, including relative humidity, can be tested simultaneously.
  • These variations of developing conditions can be freely combined.

Time saving optimization of separation conditions using the HPTLC Vario System

Application examples, schematic: S1-S6 = developing solvents, C1-C6 = conditioning liquids

1) Optimizing the developing solvent without preconditioning

Development with six different solvents (S) side by side, without preconditioning. This is equivalent to a development in a sandwich configuration.

2) Optimizing the developing solvent with preconditioning

Development with six different solvents (S) side by side, and with the conditioning troughs containing the same six solvents (C). Equivalent to a development in tank configuration.

3) Optimizing the developing solvent after uniform layer preconditioning

Preconditioning of all tracks with the same conditioning liquid (C), then development with six different solvents (S) in sandwich configuration.

4) Optimizing preconditioning

Preconditioning with six different conditioning liquids (C); then development of all tracks with the same solvent (S).

Ordering information HPTLC Vario System


CAMAG® HPTLC Vario System, comprising 022.8555 HPTLC VARIO Chamber for 10 x 10 cm plates and 022.8556 HPTLC Scoring unit for the preparation of TLC/HPTLC plates


Scoring blades for Scoring Unit, pack of 10

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