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The CBS classification system

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1. Reviews and books
2. Fundamentals, theory and general
3. General techniques (unless they are restricted to the application within one or two classification sections)
4. Special techniques
5. Hydrocarbons and halogen derivatives
6. Alcohols
7. Phenols
8. Substances containing heterocyclic oxygen
17. Amines, amides and related nitrogen compounds
18. Amino acids and peptides, chemical structure of proteins
19. Proteins
20. Enzymes
21. Purines, pyrimidines, nucleic acids and their constituents
22. Alkaloids
23. Other substances containing heterocyclic nitrogen
24. Organic sulfur compounds
25. Organic phosphorus compounds (other than phospholipids)
26. Organometallic and related compounds
27. Vitamins and various growth regulators (non-peptidic)
28. Antibiotics, Mycotoxins
29. Pesticides and other agrochemicals
30. Synthetic and natural dyes

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