Basic Kit (for conventional TLC)

The CAMAG Basic Kit has been composed so that a lab can efficiently start working with TLC. This assembly is configured to a allow upgrading to a complete system for quantitative TLC without items becoming redundant.


Nanomat 4 and Capillary Dispenser
The CAMAG Nanomat 4 serves for easy application of samples in the form of spots onto TLC and HPTLC plates, precisely positioned and without damage to the layer.
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Twin Trough Chambers
CAMAG Twin Trough Chambers offer several ways to specifically affect the TLC/HPTLC separation in order to improve it. Also it reduces the required volume of developing solvent compared to Flat Bottom Chambers.
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smartALERT Solvent Front Monitor
CAMAG smartALERT for dependable monitoring of TLC/HPTLC plate development in a horizontal development chamber.
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smartCUT Plate Cutter
Convenient and precise cutting of pre-coated TLC/HPTLC glass plates.
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Reagent Sprayer
This all glass reagent sprayer is a low cost alternative to the TLC Sprayer. It comes with a rubber pump but may also be operated from a compressed air or nitrogen supply.
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UV Cabinet 4
The UV Cabinet 4 is designed for inspecting thin-layer chromatograms or other objects under UV light in absence of ambient light.
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TLC/HPTLC Pre-coated plates
In instrumental TLC and HPTLC pre-coated layers are used. Their quality is superior to that of layers prepared from the type of adsorbents available for self-coating.
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Ordering Information


CAMAG® TLC Basic Kit, consisting of:


CAMAG® Nanomat 4


CAMAG® smartCut plate cutter to cut TLC/HPTLC glass plates up to 20 × 20 cm


CAMAG® Twin Trough Chamber for 10 × 10 cm plates, with stainless steel lid


CAMAG® Twin Trough Chamber for 20 × 20 cm plates, with stainless steel lid


CAMAG® smartAlert solvent front monitor (only suitable for glass plates)


CAMAG® Viewing Box 4 for CAMAG UV lamps of the 022.91XX series


CAMAG® UV lamp 4 dual wavelength 254/366 nm, 2 × 8 W


Glass Reagent Sprayer, all glass, with 100 mL erlenmeyer flask


Saturation pads, pack of 100 (20 × 20 cm)


Capillary dispenser consisting of universal capillary holder (022.7786), one dispenser magazine for 1 μL capillaries (022.7661 and one package of 5 × 100 disposable capillary pipettes 1 μL (022.7771)


Dispenser magazine for 2 μL capillaries, without capillaries


Dispenser magazine for 5 μL capillaries, without capillaries


Disposable capillary pipettes 2 μL, pack of 5 × 100


Disposable capillary pipettes 5 μL, pack of 5 × 100


MERCK TLC plates silica gel 60 F 254, 20 × 20 cm, pack of 25

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