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Basic Kits
All CAMAG Basic Kits have been composed so that a lab can start working with Thin-Layer Chromatography. These assemblies are configured to allow upgrading to a complete system for quantitative TLC by adding items at any time. Just add the appropriate instrumentation.
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Advanced Systems
A HPTLC system for more demanding tasks consists of at least one instrument for the steps sample application, chromatogram development, and evaluation. Other steps are covered by a basic system and/or by other CAMAG products, depending on the task and the samples to be analyzed. Let us make some recommendations.
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Herbal Systems
HPTLC is a flexible, reliable and cost efficient separation technique ideally suited for the analysis of botanicals and herbal drugs in a cGMP environment. Used with standardized procedures, it guarantees reproducible results, a vital element in meeting the 100% botanical ingredient identification requirement.
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