CAMAGflash April 2017

CAMAG Derivatizer – New spraying device for the automated derivatization of TLC/HPTLC plates

The possibility of convenient postchromatographic derivatization is an inherent strong point of TLC/HPTLC.

For the transfer of liquid reagents, one can choose between spraying or dipping. Spraying is simple and quick, but, on the other hand, generates substantial amounts of toxic fumes. Also, especially with manual spraying, it is very difficult to achieve a homogeneous reagent distribution across the plate. Particularly for quantitative evaluation, dipping is advantageous, but there is the expense of a significantly larger consumption of reagent.

With the new CAMAG Derivatizer reagent transfer by spraying is automated and therefore no longer user dependent. Results are reproducible, quantifiable, and user safety is no longer a concern due to trapping of the toxic fumes by the instrument.


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