CAMAGflash October 2014

Cumulative CAMAG Bibliography Service (CCBS) database is now online

The most comprehensive compilation of literature in the field of Planar Chromatography (TLC/HPTLC) is the Cumulative CAMAG Bibliography Service (CCBS). It covers more than 11’000 abstracts of TLC/HPTLC publications between 1982 and today. Providing reports was established by Dr. Dieter Jänchen in 1965 and the workflow and form evolved over the years. Manually written and transferred into the printed CBS form, it was set-up as a data-base in 1997. With CBS 93 in 2004, the electronic database for download was introduced and with the latest CBS 113, the online search. Test it!



CBS 113

Introducing the new generation HPTLC software



New Case Study now online

The second case study "Quantification of ginkgolides A, B, and C and bilobalide in Ginkgo biloba by HPTLC" is now online. Click here to view the complete case study and the application tutorial.


CAMAGflash August 2014

Case studies now available

In addition to numerous application notes and CBS articles already available at our website, CAMAG now provides case studies on different HPTLC applications. These case studies demonstrate the benefit of HPTLC as an analytical method to our customers. In addition, application videos demonstrate all practical steps of this standardized methodology, showing the instruments as well. The first case study “HPTLC fingerprint of Ginkgo biloba flavonoids” is now online. More case studies covering other application fields will follow soon.



First HPTLC Case Study now available

The first case study “HPTLC fingerprint of Ginkgo biloba flavonoids” is now online. More case studies covering other application fields will follow soon. Click here to view the complete case study.


CAMAG appoints new exclusive distributor for Malaysia and Singapore

3 June 2014 – Muttenz, Switzerland – CAMAG Switzerland, the leading manufacturer of equipment for instrumental Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC/HPTLC), has added a new partner to its global network and appointed RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS (RI) as the exclusive distributor for CAMAG products in Malaysia and Singapore, effective 1 June 2014.



CBS 112

From the bioactive zone to the structure –
hyphenations for effect-directed analysis at an analytical level



CAMAGflash: CAMAG Bibliography Service Planar Chromatography

The CAMAG Bibliography Service (CBS) is designed to serve the requirements of TLC/HPTLC users. Current trends and interesting applications are reported in the field of HPTLC and its hyphenations. Its data-base, termed Cumulative CBS (CCBS), distinguished from other databases in that it contains information oriented towards HPTLC practice. Prof. Dr. Gertrud Morlock, holding the Chair of Food Sciences at the Institute ofNutritional Science of Justus Liebig University Giessen, compiles those articles and abstracts, supported by recognized scientists in the field of HPTLC.


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