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For Food Analysis Explore the Advantages of Planar Chromatography



CAMAGflash February 2016

New CAMAG UV Lamp 4 and CAMAG UV Cabinet 4

CAMAG has had a long experience with UV lamps for TLC ever since developing the first model in the 1960s. After several generations of successful models, we are now launching our new UV Lamp 4, combined with the UV Cabinet 4.

The two main objectives for the new UV Lamp 4 are: keeping the safety of the user as our highest priority and striving for a state-of the- art new product. As a result, the UV Lamp 4 has been newly equipped with tilt detection to protect the user from any direct UV exposure. Furthermore, the focus on quality, reliability and durability was set from the very beginning of the development process so as to increase your satisfaction.



CAMAGflash December 2015

New CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2: Identification and confirmation of substances in research and routine analysis by hyphenation of HPTLC with MS

Since its introduction in 2009, our groundbreaking concept of hyphenating planar chromatography with mass spectrometry has been used worldwide by hundreds of analytical groups. With the versatile TLC-MS Interface mass spectra from eluted zones can be recorded in minute cycles with any MS-brand.

Prof. Dr. Goetz Schlotterbeck and his team from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) have performed intensive testing on the newly launched TLC-MS Interface 2 for several weeks and are thrilled by its performance. Other clients who have had the chance to extensively test the second instrument generation are also highly satisfied with the results achieved. Try and see how fast and easy you can elute substance zones from TLC/HPTLC plates for MS detection using the new TLC-MS Interface 2!



New case study now online!

A case study from the field of forensic drug control is now online:

>> In-process control during chemical synthesis of ergoline psychedelics by HPTLC


CAMAGflash October 2015

Use of standardized HPTLC

What is HPTLC? Most people differentiate TLC from HPTLC only by the use of different layers, but the distinctive feature of HPTLC is defined by the level of quality and reproducibility of results achieved through rigorous standardization of all parameters. Whereas TLC, by definition, is done manually or only with simple instruments, HPTLC utilizes high-end instrumentation, sophisticated software, a standardized methodology, and validated methods. HPTLC is a reliable analytical technique and meets all requirements for working in a cGMP-regulated environment.



New CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2

Muttenz, Switzerland – 6 October 2015 – CAMAG, the world’s leading manufacturer of HPTLC equipment, today announced the worldwide availability of the new CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2, the second generation of its module for the pioneering concept of hyphenating HPTLC with mass spectrometry



winCATS Planar Chromatography Manager version 1.4.10

The current version available for download is the release version 1.4.10



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50 years of CBS – The CAMAG Bibliography Service has been published since 1965.



CAMAG (newborn screening) wins the CTI Swiss Medtech Best Poster Award



Swiss Marketing Leadership Award 2015 – and the Winner is…CAMAG!

Muttenz, Switzerland – 29 September 2015  – CAMAG was elected out of more than 500 Swiss companies as the winner of the Swiss Marketing Leadership Award 2015. On the occasion of the 15th Swiss CRM Forum, held in Zurich on 15 September 2015, a high profile jury with members from industry and academia chose CAMAG as the winner of the Swiss Marketing Leadership Award 2015, based on a study made by ZHAW School of Management and Law.


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