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CAMAG Scientific is the subsidiary in the US. CAMAG Scientific opened its doors in 1980, and is located in Wilmington, NC.

We take pride in our ability to deliver useful and cost effective instrumentation to the Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC/HPTLC) and Dried Blood Spot (DBS) sampling market, and to then follow through with personalized service and support.

Lab Services USA (TLC/HPTLC)

The lab at CAMAG Scientific is designed to offer a wide range of services to our current and potential customers. All work is done in a cGMP/cGLP environment.

Our lab can help you develop HPTLC methods according to your specific needs.

You will provide the exact analytical goal, any information about the product(s) (i.e. structures, dissolving solvent, and any previously acquired data), and of course the samples (along with reference compounds such as standards, impurities, or marker compounds). In turn, we can provide a fully developed method that will be ready to use, along with recommendations on how to use the method most effectively.

The time involved with developing a method depends on many factors.  Method development can take anywhere from one or two days up to several weeks. Our analyst will work closely with you to help minimize time and costs, and customer satisfaction is our number one goal!


CAMAG Scientific offers feasibility studies for potential and existing customers.

These studies help determine if and how HPTLC (along with our instrumentation) can be of help to our customers.

Examples of feasibility studies:

  1. Suppose a customer is interested in purchasing a CAMAG instrument.  Before actually buying it, we perform a 4-8 hour study (using the customer's existing method) utilizing the instrument in question. This will determine if our instrumentation would be suitable for this particular application.
  2. Suppose a customer has a product for which they need a method, but it is unclear if HPTLC can be used for the analysis. We can provide preliminary method development over 1 or 2 days in order to determine the feasibility of HPTLC for the analysis. This would also provide a starting point for continued method development by the customer should HPTLC prove worthwhile.

Rates for our feasibility studies vary depending on the time necessary and complexity. However, any costs associated with these studies will be applied to the purchase price of our instrumentation, and in some cases these studies may even be free of charge.

CAMAG Scientific's lab can train your analysts to perform your routine HPTLC analyses using our state of the art HPTLC equipment.

We offer individualized training for your analysts in our lab or even at your location. We train new users on using our instruments/software for routine analysis, as well as experienced ones who want to learn advanced concepts in method development. Our lab is very flexible and works closely with our customers to provide the most efficient and personalized service.

Training Courses USA

Camag Scientific also offers customer courses to fit the needs of our customers.
These courses can customized by length and skill level, and can be held at customer sites or in our Wilmington, NC location.

>> Find here latest training courses

Address CAMAG Scientific, Inc.

CAMAG Scientific, Inc.
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Wilmington, NC 28401

Phone: (800) 334 3909
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E-Mail: tlc@camag.com

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